Some "BIG" News

Some "BIG" News 0

Big news about little things!
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Moving Right Along 0

First, I would like to thank everyone that's weathered the initial growing pains around here. We're not done by any means, but it's definitely getting somewhere!

This website was launched on May 10th of this year and has been steadily growing and changing. Some of the more fundamental tools are finally in place, which I'm sure is a great relief to many visitors. The currency tool, which initially only worked until you got to the checkout, is now fully functional and will accept payments in multiple currencies. 

There are constantly new additions to the catalog, and they are updated as quickly as possible. We are hoping to implement gift cards before the holiday season arrives but so far can only get them to issue in $CAD. We're also looking into add-ons such as gift wrap and gift messages. 

For now, expect things to change pretty regularly. Hopefully only for the better!

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